A fertile creature, she slept on the earth

Naked she walked, on her the ants crawled

A little tickle, a little pinch still did not manage to make her cringe

The scorching heat continued to roast her soul


No rain could wash away her pain

Under no shade of tree was she ever lulled to sleep

The flames on her skin, they too danced with the wind

Still, her aching limbs continued grinding


A man once left alone in the wild on his own

Had lost his mind and nearly died

In the dark and cold with no ray of hope

A survivor she continued to keep her sane


The house of amphibians now reflected back a monster petrifying than the wild sea

Inside whom there once lived an innocence, now a source of unleashed tears

The concrete barriers too, after the thunderstorm fight the gravity to stay

The monster continued encompassing the dark


The rumbling clouds kept screaming looked down upon her

She, she kept on shrieking from every turn

The shadows, they kept on overbearing, made the perceptions all blur

The white shining door continued luring her


So where do we go from here

To describe her one uses metaphors

There once was light on her doorstep too

Once when she had a home in the diverse hue


Then, she hoped that the sun will rise again

Then, she believed that the cocoon will merge into a butterfly

Then, she cared for all she knew

Then, she loved even the greetings of the dark


One when begins to pray they didn’t know what they did

Her knowledge became a must

When awakening became alarming

Her quest continued before it shall turn to dust


Because into oblivion ends every wake

Along with the personas she fakes

Enroute where self-doubt turned into self-harm

Could she now continue shielding from cold keeping still warm?


From mythical to steadily non-fiction

Just a human like an animal handled with restrictions

Red were her lips and eyes searching solace

The sky still disapproved her relentless disgrace


Bliss now she mocks

Once soft so melted

Now is solid as a rock

Perished in mediocrity are her last breaths; still breathing may they one day rest


I swear I looked into those eyes and knew they could never be mine

For I was a watcher not a player

Swore without I, she shan’t ever be happy and kind

Sincerely, I, her mind