​As we sat on the porch, our eyes dilated by the wind and the sea beside, with the sun reflecting on our faces, everything else started to fade away. 

The ears could only hear the splashing of the the waves as they kissed the sand and slow harmony which came from our hearts along with the silent but loud beating. 

It’s wondrous, the people we meet at the most strangest of places. The people who come unexpected, uncalled for and yet fulfill every craving that ever resided in our lives. Among the few treasured memories of my life, I remembered this one the most clearly as if belonging to yesterday. 

I knew nothing about him and didn’t have any urge to. All I knew was in that moment, I could see through his soul and he into mine. Needless for words to be uttered, he lifted his arm and slowly traced his finger grabbing my bangs pushing them behind my ear making me tickle. And as if casually he held my face in the cup of his hand, tilted his head and moved towards me. His lips on mine, and I could feel him trace on me, belong to me and the loneliness that I had forever felt vanished. It was intimate even though intimacy was all I had ever run from, this time it grabbed me and for once, I was not the one to control. I let my thoughts and my mind rest and savour the joy.