As I look around myself, my eyes take a stop and I find myself looking at or perhaps contemplating a girl. She must be in her twenties. With shades of maroon, caramel and brown her head is covered. What a perfect scene for a picture. A candid portrait so professional, I think. Tracing the image in my own mind. Sunlight dangling on her face and locks of hair floating in the air along with the stuttering feather earrings she wore. I take out my camera and set it in a way that she doesn’t notice and when I’m about to click, it doesn’t fit. Something has changed. Something doesn’t look appropriate anymore. After analysis, I drop on a conclusion. It is the other people that surround her. When I looked at her, I only gazed at her as if the perimeter around her consisted of none other. The other people coming inside the frame ruined it.

A person shines on his own not when he is supported by a bunch others. The other, no matter how much they assist the one, their shadows will always dawn upon the him when the sun come up, the time for him to shine will be stolen by the other assisting him for their shadows restrict him from shining.

With this, I concluded, a person is best on his own, he learns always on his own, guidance will always hone the extreme abilities of the one.

A person in himself is to the fullest, the rest for him are a fantasy that we create today and always have.