In this era, we all are running towards our aspired goals and we often forget to stop and just look at the world moving, empathize for others and hold on for a second to help another struggling soul. We are running for our development and why shouldn’t we? But in the way, during our lone struggles, we start expecting others to work in accordance to us. We expect them to understand us. We expect them to be our equals.

Each human is a unique soul and in no way can anyone be completely complied with the other. Think for a second, there is a person close to you. You must know what they require and then desire. Do those requirements and desires go along with yours? Do they perfectly align with yours? No, they most probably don’t. They maybe even conflict your own necessities. And while we gullibly thought those other humans, they are supposed to be for us, those entities were for themselves.

Whilst everyone worked for their own, there were these tiny people who didn’t acclaim the knowledge of what was to be done. They were immature, emotionally unstable, wandering off in the dark unaware of the consequences that could be dawned upon them. This was our turn to guide when we were guided at a point once. This was the time to return the favors casted on us. But irony and satire finds its way in everything, doesn’t it? We, the lone strugglers could lend a hand but instead what do we do? We expected them to work in accordance to us. We expected them to understand us. We expected them to be our equals.

Those tiny creatures who didn’t know what was to be done believed what was told. They came to realize, after all, they are to reach the expectations of those above us, of those that came before us. This realization was mistaken beyond what was wrong. This realization turned out to be erroneous. But these darlings didn’t see that.

Without a map they travelled the space. No one told them, space was boundless. They fell upon stars, swam through hurdles and fought asteroids. They sailed via meteors and got burned upon coming in contact with their own home. And what one deduced from that was seemingly very effortless.

Getting to know they had to rival for others and not for themselves, they set off trying to reach those accomplishments because they didn’t know they had the freedom for their own. With a non-existent manual they kept on trying. They failed and got up again. They reached heights and crashed. Why? That was because those routes, those paths weren’t built for them. They were someone else’s who not deliberately but unintentionally extracted their potentials along the line. There came a point where their dartboards had no more space for another dart. At this crux of the scenario, they collapsed, felt lonely and couldn’t comprehend a thing. They started asking themselves questions to which no one had the answers to. They were lost. The goal they had been working for their entire lives was not their own. What does one believe at that crucial time? At this phase we could help them out and return the favors that were casted upon us but, “No” we said. We continued expecting them to work in accordance to us. We continued expecting them to understand us. We continued expecting them to be our equals.

Those little darlings were the seedlings; those little darlings were one like me, a naïve child.  

~Pragya Sachdeva