I wish I could sing you a goodnight song.
To ease your mind from the daily parade.
There never was worthy to be held on for long.
But you were someone I could never evade.
Now the reason is one I can’t begin to explain.
The reason for which I had to desert you on the plane

The night we looked up in the sky full of stars,
We wondered what it would be like to go up that far.
But then I turned my face to drown in your eyes,
To only see the reflection of a man, a monster I despise.
So I filled up my hands with the gravel or sand,
To throw at his face and escape the lonely island.

But did I hurl that piece of earth in my hand, to dismantle his face?
So many nights I wondered, “I must have to buy us the chase.”
As I lifted my hand and aimed  at that man,
You were the one to make me quit, Mccahan.
All my might with which I crashed,
Looking at the deceit inside of me that you had cast.

Oh, you little trickster! You had me trapped.
But only trapped and no scare by the game you had mapped.
You sold me to a maiden of a rich handicapped.
Unlike you, he had a heart allowing me and I dashed.

That night I stole to solely survive.
No glimmer, no glitter only sadness revived.
That same night an angel, walked up to me and smiled.

“Beware sweet soul, for this world won’t let you thrive.”
“But now I don’t care for a silver or a dime.”

“Ask me for one and I’ll grant you a wish.”
“Grant me Mccahan so that I can be the cause of his diminish.”

“Be careful little one, a day comes when everyone pays for their deed.”
“Don’t worry, blessed soul, for even the consequences make me desire to watch him bleed.”

Our paths met again and I bet that you had changed.
You fell for me, for which was something I had always craved.
We checked in to the airport and then boarded the traveller’s crate.
And this time, to shatter you to pieces a little bigger than your lies, was the reason for which I had left you on that plane.

For those of you reading this, may think of me as a swollen heart.
But no, I consisted of rather a revengeful heart.
Not only was he abandoned by his love, but had crashed along with the plane.
The plane crash to which I was warned by the angel in one dream full of pain.

~Pragya Sachdeva