In the end, after all the discussion, debates,  controversies, philosophies, to what conclusion do we reach. After infinity, what is life? A question the wise have been trying to answer since forever. Many a time, they were correct but their theories could always be contradicted. So, they weren’t or couldn’t be of much use. They didn’t satisfy the hunger this question starves us with. And why do we inquire ourselves with this question yet everyday. Why do we need to comprehend it to limits, where we’re saturated to even remember where we started. We’re living it everyday. What more could be explained?
And now, I, too, will give a mere try to explain this mayhem.
It’s simple. You wake up and think. You start imagining. The moment those eyes open up and see the first light, without a second wasted, a thought comes up. It could be about anything. But we think those things. That determine what will be the event next. Or perhaps in the long term, the concentration of the fast paced thoughts will create what occurs in our life then. Millions of people, leading different lives, think and work. Each one of them is facing a dissimilar situation that has only been implented by their own thoughts. They go through the day. Everyone, with a time limit of twenty-four hours, continues to breathe and create emotions. Those emotions only a foundation of this ongoing wheel right now. In reality, each and every event is created by us.
Yes, we live with a plenty of people around. But they are only mere milestones in our wheel of worlds. We are on this road alone. Rest is an animation of what we made it to be. Because, even the close and loved ones have only become so by our thoughts. We did things with them, we spent numerous moments together, which gave way to thoughts and then to emotions and then to what we have in our hands today. Each and every thing we feel, see, touch is a product of the thoughts we let on our minds. Which is uncontrollable. Thoughts will flow. All the time. Or the brain is dead. This world is a mechanism of what we made it to be. Hence, the reason, we evoluted.
Right now, when you stop to question your existence, you won’t find the answer. There exists no answer. We don’t know how we got produced. How ARE we to know who made us. Thus, we make believe in God and there, out there, people like us, keep questioning and so many turn into atheists for the same reason. We confuse ourselves, complicating  things. The reason remains the same. Thoughts.
These are just mind patterns. This mind, has abilities so far stretched, you can’t see it even after the horizon. It’s true, everything, every damn thing is a simple possibility. May it be emotional or physical. If we allow ourselves full openness, we can discover what we can do with the same hands and legs we were born with. And it’s magical. But somehow, some corrupted minds sat the foundation of the evolution we’re continuing today. For what is there politics? For want are there terrorists? For what do we what to become successful that means money? What do we achieve? Nothing. This means nothing. It means a lot but to this mind of ours which we have convinced to believe that way. So it does. It follows the commands of the sailor. We gave these insubstantial things the value. The value, again created by us. By our thoughts.
All this again, is a mind game. You really can achieve  anything! If you convince your brain to believe you can. And one of the simplest methods people adopt who have achieved what they wanted was to make pretend. Pretend you already have what you want and in a matter of time you are gifted it by the forces of nature. Again, a very important feature of this world. This brain is the commander and the forces of nature are it’s commander’s followers. They execute the orders implemented by us. Or the thoughts we allowed. We, a matter of existence that supports this mechanism, it’s workings.
And there is so much more! After this life, beyond this universe. In physical entity or of the mind. In both, it exists. It will be discovered some day. And the discoveries made will again would have been put there by the implementation and execution of our thoughts. The reality in the end is, the world operates on thoughts. The body is a medium to operate accordingly. The body, no doubt could change, if the thoughts do. And unimaginable abilities can be carried out if we believed. See through closed eyes? Walk parallel the force of gravity? Fly without wings? Or grow wings? All is possible. In real sense and not just metamorphically. Life is this. The now. What we create each second. How we operate. The everyday. The single day in it’s counting. But the mechanism is complex and complications is what we beings don’t prefer, so we made this world the way it is. With small yet utterless and meaningless entities to satisfy and keep our brain so powerful occupied and die without even realizing it’s full potention, because maybe we’re afraid of the many possibilities and utterances. In the end, we fool our minds to think happiness is the ultimate salvation and it’s many variants. There is no such thing. Only a creation of the thoughts. It’s a process of fluids inside our body, again. Hormones, endorphins and what all consists in the dictionary of a subject we created named biology. And how rhetorical that sounds with the mentioning of it. This life is a game. Without rules and only extremities. And this is not the end. This life what we think it to be is not just it. We don’t get born and die and the end. No. The end is not there. Everything does come to an end. But is followed by something anew. So it never really ends. What we don’t know is what lies after our such perceived deaths. The universe is beyond our imagination. Then we come to a point where finally out thoughts take a break. Then is a world we have not been made aware of. So we don’t decide. But death is not an end of this dubiety. We’ll keep moving on. One can say, this life is a vacation from the real world or maybe a dream so long we don’t remember the real thing. Because who knows? This could all be a product of our humour. It is a creation of our thought, now could it be a dream too, that is also a creation of our thoughts again. Are we living in a dream? Out if which we only come out once we die. Was all this a big joke? The answers just don’t exist.

~Pragya Sachdeva