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Aren’t we all just machines? Indeed we are. Just like one, we’re only carrying out the commands that have been handed to us by someone or the other. One today doesn’t seem to possess a free will or perhaps is restricted from pursuing it. One would say for those who hang themselves with a rope around their neck dangling from the roof or for those who elope are only not much than imbeciles, without considering the brokenness culminated in those homo sapiens that triggered this outcome.

We, who have been baptised mortal beings and again I wouldn’t refer “we” as “human beings” for we’re far from that entitlement, have moulded this game under our influences. Calling ourselves the chief thespian, we try and force things to be in our control while overlooking the minds crushed in the continuing events. Those we overlook lose the power and run out of lives falling off the cliff. And while we can offer them bonus lives, we stand beholding with the eyes of a critic, “What an oaf!”

The irony, however, securely rests in the fact that while these state of affairs kept occurring, pushing them off the edge, our greed didn’t shrink. We kept gathering the perks to grow and to keep moving leaving behind none for the imbeciles as one says.

This was all good; this was what was branded moral by the society. As long as one follows the script, it’s all fun and games until one decides to take their own stand only to be beaten down by the beliefs a majority held.

Power is the word. This is what they have been trying to protect like their biological offspring. The delicate ego rests all comfortably in that word. This shan’t be harmed but only harnessed more and more until they ultimately rupture. At the end of the day, if this is not protected then rather a lot are in jeopardy. So the imbeciles protect it and reside to yield the death route.

For all I know, those oafs aren’t barbarians and the hand of basic courtesy can be extended towards them. They don’t make the bridge for one to land their feet on them. The dominant do not govern this game. Or have they become the boss of the bullet hell?

~Pragya Sachdeva