2015, one of the most adventurous years of my life though I’m only 15 years vintage. Like any other, I too learned a few too many bittersweet truths of existence.
I started on a shaky road enroute abhorrent experiences reaching not the destination but again milestones so many.
One of them would be the realization of something at the absence of name. It is us. The world. The universe. And furthermore that lies but maybe not. The partitions we have created whose vacancy could only provide us with the whole. But no. Millions of mind can’t lose fictitious balance only to result in imbalance. So the few of us do the part.
They said nothing is impossible. I believed the world is nothing. If it was, what was it? Hence, I was convinced, rather, nothing really is a possibility as it is the only utterance. We’re all for what? Nothing. Repetitions. Yes, progress will take place, giving birth to new, always has, but, at the end, who knows if the fairy tales taught us the truth or only hid it to say it ain’t an ending if it’s not happy. We don’t know. So we do what seems to us near sane.
Which brings me to the next lesson of this year, when you can’t say what’s sane but you do because you believe it is, so can I call insanity the right doing because I believe.
People told me I’m like the zombie of class. They had assumed me different, the insane one but to reverse the imagery, I see they being called the odd ones in a bunch of zombie alikes. It’s all a matter of perception. How you perceive it is how it is because the one who differed between sane and insane hadn’t himself known the edge between the two whereas we fall in it. Believing what’s been believed.
For me, do the insane. If we can’t comprehend what we’re doing. Explore. Take real risks. Make your heart beat where you might feel unsure of liveliness.
What’s supposed to happen will happen. So do what you wouldn’t do. Life, so called will change giving you wings to fly out of where you fell. When our creator never told us what’s right or wrong, we’re not to decide and believe the stupid beliefs that have been carried on for long.
Make your own decisions. What others say is only a product of the things they’ve been told and what they chose to accept.
On to number three. Yes, life has ups and downs. And to think, it’s all oblivion. So either die living in chaos of options or.., actually there really isn’t anything further that. It’s only a chaos on looking closely.
To be continued.

~Pragya Sachdeva