We, as human beings live in a small world. The same sounds, the same imagery. Meeting the same people later after time. All goes around and you can see it coming back. Someone’s progression, someone’s downfall. Bringing your hopes up high and later facing disappointment. Crying and laughing. Nothing’s new. It’s all the same small world.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? For me, I can’t imagine. But we all know the possibilities. As if nothing’s possible, we know all the possibilities. Procrastinating …already? It’s weird. You’re dillusional. But again nothing really makes any sense. I mean, why were we even born? Why was the human race created? To keep God’s company? And what is “God”? Just a name we have given ourselves because were not ready for the ultimate truth yet? Or even is there any? We have placed ourselves with so many boundaries. Are we so scared to see what really lies beyond? Mixing ourselves in things like money, prosperity etc. And think we stand above. So small is our world. Thinking to live lives like ” normal” people doing “everyday” things. Purest boundaries. So meaningless. Such meaningless is the world. “Should I wear this or that? My God! I have no clothes.” To think, does it really matter to the universe in which birth and death seems to prevail what you’re going to wear. But then again, does anything really matter? Yes it does.

What does? I’m not aware and neither is anyone else because we haven’t discovered that yet. Though, the answers you know. But you haven’t dug it out your brain. For the maximum part of the brain is left untouched and for the record, not literally.
To say, we only do what has been done before. And progress in the wrong track for that one won’t lead no one to what our true beings are looking for. The beyond.