Stargazing betwixt the night, somewhere vers the stars, I searched for inspiration but couldn’t find any. Nothing was turning me on lately. The willingness in me to do something had run out of gas. Like an old, useless sack lying on the couch all day, all night was how I had started picturing myself. Aspirations I had so many but no energy to work towards them.

So, there I was focusing on that single star which I presumed to be modifying its position. With more concentration I was sure of it. Curiosity forcing me to and I brought up a telescope to examine what I could. That tingling feeling I was having procrastinating myself, like I had just discovered something brilliant. But . . . no! It couldn’t have been. There was something up in the wild blue yonder but I blamed my telescope for having faults. Little did I know, I wasn’t the only one inspecting something.

Maybe, was it an intuition? I don’t know, but it felt like what I was considering a self-moving star was gawking at me, or shall I say, right through me. Was there something behind me? That couldn’t have been! Everyone was asleep. So, following the incline gaze, I reached to the bottom end. Then there was no descending further. Gathering few equipment after, I commenced digging up what I was counting on to be mystery. How bizarre! Midnight digging! But contradicting the fact of me building a cavity in the earth were the butterflies tickling my nerves of the suspense that lied beneath the crust. Voila! I thought. Standing before conceivably wings, wings of a . . I hadn’t discovered that yet. My attempt to touch them

made them sparkle. Donc, perhaps a reality check would disencumber the perplexity that was concocted in my head ­­- At the lifeline of a monotonous cycle, at precisely 12:36 a.m. ( Thanks to my watch ), feet cemented to the floor, anterior to those wings that glimmered at human touch. That night took me by a storm with that weird yet mind-boggling ‘something yet undefined’.

~Pragya Sachdeva