Isn’t it surprising how sometimes life just hits you so hard and pushes you in the storm. You fall and you swirl. You can’t see anything anymore and nothing really makes sense. It’s all a chaos, a pandemonium. You’re so shaken up that you lose all your strength to make decisions. It’s weird, you think. The capability in you to love, to trust seems to have just vanished. The bubbles around you start bursting. You feel dependent. So helpless you are that you start clinging on things that never mattered or whose existence doesn’t really make any difference in your life. You feel forever lost. People say it’ll heal but it’s tagging too long. You can’t bear it anymore. You decide, no, you aren’t able to decide, you just sit there feeling it’s pointless, senseless. Confusion takes over you. If you’re going to die some day then what’s the point? None! You think. Somehow the blind faith in hope is still lingering there inside of you, somewhere, because losing all hope would be knowing that it’s all over but you don’t want that. You aren’t able to dare to think that because you want it all to change. The innocence in you still believes that you can be happy.

Yes, believe me, no matter how long it takes, change is inevitable, those days will see their sunset for eternity does not exist. Days can never be perennial. And they’ll be the days you’ll be enumerating on, your struggle on how it made you stronger, how it made you who you are today. Those days are just one chapter in the book of your magical adventures. And there’ll be many more. That’ll be what you’ll remember because they built you. Don’t ask God “why me?” Rather “why not me?” Because trust me, they make you better, smarter, more human and in any case, we’re all going to die then why not learn a few things before hand. Once it’s over, don’t let yourself have a chance to regret. I know these answers won’t satisfy you considering what you’re going through but with time you’ll know. Life is all about self-discovery. You’re beautiful now.

~Pragya Sachdeva