What’s the point of becoming skilled and good looking to make people like you, which obviously will be temporary!
What’s the point of becoming popular, when you still can’t find happiness. Everybody is going to die eventually.
How do we take this life for granted? Everything around us is an illusion except the true feelings for someone. As in a friend who will stand by you no matter what! Or maybe a sibling who supports you no matter how much you have hurt them. One thing I’ll really make clear is that once you’ve lost a person, the first thing you will miss about them would be the things that irritated you about them earlier. So stop getting annoyed by the small things. “Value and respect the people you have now before you lose them forever.” Think, for a second, you’re on your death bed, everybody will be some day! What will make you happy? Knowing that you have helped people and loved or knowing that you always had followers (fake friends) and everyone was scared of you. If it’s the latter then you’re gonna be doomed at that point, trust me. The most wasted life of all.
There are times when we get angry at small things, stop and decide, what’s more important, your relationship with the person or the lifeless things.
Learn to forgive and forget because what’s the point of keeping that fire inside of you (( unless you’re a cook) JK). Let it out and let your soul be happy.
Understand, life’s Too short for hatred and anger. The noise of the traffic pinches you but for a moment, think, you’re in the shoes of a person who just got treated and is able to hear after years, that noise will be music to your ears.
“Beauty lies in everything if you have the power to see it.”
Maybe you’re sitting in a car not of your choice, you want a better one. But, have you ever thought, a person who can’t walk travels in a car and wants to escape it from the core of his heart. He wants to walk, no matter how great the automobile is.
These little lifeless things don’t really mean anything at all.
It’s us who gives those things the value that someone who matters deserves.
So be happy with what you got and if you want more then what’s stopping you. Go get it because you have the capability to do anything!

~Pragya Sachdeva