Everyone has a different perspective. Well, today I’ll be sharing my perspective with you.
Have you ever thought of jeans? You have to fit in them, not necessarily they fit you, well that also depends on the size. But when jeans are made in a factory or wherever! Your name wasn’t written on it that this particular jeans would be your property. Was it? No!
You chose those pair of jeans out of your peace of mind
Likely, you have chosen your life. You fit in it. You have made your life the way it is.
When you wear your jeans with whichever frequency you like, you’re working through it.
You learn how to bring it up your waist and then tie the belt. So, this suggests that you learn how to bring up your life to a higher level, and with that I mean higher in happiness and all the positivity.
When you’re making use of the same jeans, it becomes rough. When we are living that life daily, we are making ourselves worthy of living or shall I say, good enough to live this life. You are getting tougher and tougher each day.
Look back at yourselves, maybe two years back, right now you just got out of a crisis, does it give you a feeling of being experienced? Would you be able to help someone else in this kind of situation sometime later? The anwer is yes!
You might not have been able to face this two years back but now you were strong enough to deal with this problem and jump out of the hole of misery. And even get better at facing other adversities because you just passed a level. And that’s what I call moving on!
You may feel at times that his life is better than mine, why do I only need to face the problems and get tougher?
Well, at that time, tell yourself that what is life without challenges just like salad without salt. And then if your brain questions you out of sarcasm, “Why not others have a wonderful life like mine, that’s partiality towards this species.”
Answer it : God isn’t unfair to his children. Colour exists in everyone’s life except for the fact that the timing is different because you woke up early and they woke up late.
And when they get caught in the web of hazards, Mr. experienced would be standing there knowing how to create a scissor right at the spot. Because you can win it in a minute!
And if they don’t require your opinion or your help, then you’re even least concerned.
It means maybe someone else who woke up earlier or at the same time as yours is destined to assist that person, if not that, then it means they themselves are meant to detect the recipe for inventing the scissors.
And why so much concern over that poor being, now let’s get back to the topic which is far left behind.
So, do jeans cover you? Yes, they cover our legs. So basically jeans provide you with protection, then it must mean that life provides you perfection too. Well, obviously!
Life has equiped you with everything and when I say this I mean it.
You might think that others are given more than you, but now I ask you you to switch on your eyes and swim a little deeper to take a look around in the ocean, some fishes might be prettier but the others swim faster. Some might be both but some would be bigger, and some might even have the former and latter but the others are too good to pay heed at someone else’e life when they have their own to deal with.
So, I’m guessing I made myself pretty clear this time; crystal clear.
When we apply this logic to human life, I’d say that we all are equal, not because of some country laws but from us ourselves. You might be good in sports, the others might be good in literature. some might be good in both but some might be good in science.We’re actually quite fortunate that we have so many streams to choose from today.
Some might be way more skilled than you and that person may be your best friend too but then again, life isn’t only about comparison. You will always get what you deserve and you deserve the best of best. So, give time some time. Patience has its own sweet fruits.

~Pragya Sachdeva