You are the sight for sore eyes
My heart with you purifies
You’re like a morning star that shines
If you leave me I won’t be fine

Through the hallways when you walk
To the friends that you talk
I almost die inside of me
That you don’t look at me

For you I’m so invisible
This pain is not curable
Why is it me you chose to leave
Can someone save me please

And now when you’re with someone new
I just can’t face the truth
I’m left with not a clue
What would you do
Would you die or would you cry
It’s not like you leave me any choice
I think it’s time to say goodbye

But now everything has changed
Things have changed at a pace
And I can’t grab it anymore
My heart is tore

When I see your face I can’t think but kiss you
In my dreams
They’re like a pebble drowning in a flowing stream
And I can’t grab it anymore
My heart is tore

~Pragya Sachdeva