In the midst of the night, the traveller loses his way. He’s lost in the sands of time and will never be able to catch up again. The absence of light, giving birth to darkness, will it allow him to see the hand reaching towards him and yet so far. For now, he’s blind to see that he’s not really blind. Shutting his eyes, tears rolling down his face. O! Why is he so blind? O! Why is he so blind!

The light has left the last hair, his weight leading him further in the ocean. Maybe, it’s the the right thing. Maybe, now he’ll know the pain. But for what has he to deserve the fate he never pursued.
I now know why, for what he has desired never came into the realm of existence. For him, it remained a seed inside his heart on which it never poured.
It’s high time now traveller. I hope you open your eyes for there’s always a chance, the slightest possibility for the world of life of you to ever change it’s course.
I hope you open your eyes now traveller, before the clock strikes twelve and it’s forever too late.

~Pragya Sachdeva