The day had broken cold and grey. I could feel the wind touch my cold palms and my teeth chattering. Putting my feet on the frozen floor, I manage to walk approaching the cupboard, the temperature almost killing me to get my warmer. *CLUCK* the window slammed open. How irresponsible of me to let it slip off my mind. Never mind!
Shivers going down my spine, I’m trying as hard I can to shut the window pane but it’s stuck there like some external force’s acting upon it. Huh! Probably the wind. With almost numb feet, I come to the conclusion that . . . . I see her.
The rapid thought process in my mind has suddenly taken salvation, I can see it being put to rest. Eyes wide open like a hyena’s mouth, with all my strength and courage I make an attempt to step backwards. But I can’t feel my feet anymore. There seemed an intangible pall over the face of things. A cry inside of me pleading me to run away but I stand like the Liberty.
Only she can help me now. But what help has she to get me in this chaos. Her hand’s reaching out for mine, my body turning shades of pale and blue. A luring tempt inside of me, provoking me to and I take the leap of faith.
Limbs apart, is this the place where I’ve been living. It’s all such a blur. Stained with blood, my blood but I feel no pain. I’m numb.
I can only see a pandemonium. Red, blue lights with a siren so loud. Utter havoc.
At this moment, I forget to breathe.

~Pragya Sachdeva